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Board 119

 Queens, New York

The Professionals

We are always looking for new basketball officials on Board 119. If you have ever considered becoming a referee we strongly urge you to contact us. It is a great way to stay involved with a great sport that was invented, literally, in our own back yard.

We welcome males and females who are a minimum of eighteen (18) years of age on or before November 1st of the examination year to apply to become a member of Board 119. Obviously, you will need to be in good enough physical condition to handle the requirements needed to officiate a basketball game as well as be willing to make a commitment to the sport and Board 119.


The following is an overview of the process involved in becoming a referee on Board 119:

First, you will need to contact our Interpreter, Ernie Rudloff, via e-mail at [email protected] or (516) 932-9632 to register.

The next series of classes for new applicants will begin in September from 7:00 - 9:30. The classes are held at McClancy High School. These classes then run every Wednesday night in September and October.

The cost of this class is $215.00 per person and includes the purchase of a rule book.

Space is limited so register as soon as possible.